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Build and Test the Website

You may have noticed that the markdown files in the /docs directory are also displayed on Kilo's website. If you want to add documentation to Kilo, you can start a local webserver to check out how the website would look like.


Install yarn.

Build and Run#

The markdown files for the website are located in /website/docs and are generated from the like-named markdown files in the /docs directory and from the corresponding header files without the .md extension in the /website/docs directory. To generate the markdown files in /website/docs, run:

make website/docs/

Next, build the website itself by installing the node_modules and building the website's HTML from the generated markdown:

make website/build/index.html

Now, start the website server with:

yarn --cwd website start

This command should have opened a browser window with the website; if not, open your browser and point it to http://localhost:3000.

If you make changes to any of the markdown files in /docs and want to reload the local node server, run:

make website/docs/ -B

You can execute the above while the node server is running and the website will be rebuilt and reloaded automatically.

Add a New File to the Docs#

If you add a new file to the /docs directory, you also need to create a corresponding header file containing the front-matter in /website/docs/. Then, regenerate the markdown for the website with the command:

make website/docs/

Edit /website/sidebars.js accordingly.

Note: The id in the header file /website/docs/<new file> must match the id specified in website/sidebars.js.